8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lake Tahoe

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Allow us to “peak” your curiosity with the following facts you may not have known about the gem of the Sierra Nevada!


Fun Facts


  1. Something in the Water: Lake Tahoe’s water has been named the best-tasting in the U.S.


  1. Give Them an Inch: One inch of Lake Tahoe water equals about 3.33 billion gallons of water.


  1. Old Age: The lake is estimated to be 2 million years old, among the world’s 20 oldest lakes.


  1. Getting Deep: The deepest point in the lake is 1,645 ft.—the Empire State Building wouldn’t even break the surface!


  1. Tall trees: Out of the common Tahoe pine trees, the Sugar Pine is the tallest and grows up to 200 feet.


  1. Birds the Word: The Peregrine Falcon of Lake Tahoe has been clocked at 200 mph.


  1. Lake Tahoe Loch Ness? Some have claimed a prehistoric creature similar to the famed monster lives in the lake, with the most recent sighting taking place in 1972.


  1. Popularity Contest: Lake Tahoe hosts about 15 million visitors per year.


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